The Billionaire Handyman (Ebook)

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He’s a billionaire used to being in charge.
She’s a woman who loathes being told what to do.

After breaking up with her controlling ex, Aspen sells everything and moves into the mountain cottage she inherited from her grandmother. Overwhelmed by all the place needs to have done, she decides to hire a handyman.

After his father passes away, billionaire Ethan has an epiphany—though he’s wealthier than he ever dreamed he would be, he’s not happy. He sells his Los Angeles business and moves to a cabin in the woods, leaving everything he knows behind. It doesn’t take long for him to get bored, so when an opportunity arises to work as a handyman, he jumps on it. Only trouble is, all he can think about is the woman who hired him. Too bad she has zero interest in kindling a romantic relationship.

This is a clean and wholesome standalone romance.

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Ebook edition. Delivered by BookFunnel. Read on any device.


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Chapter 1

Ethan sat back and watched as his friends Luke and Cait exchanged marriage vows. When he thought about the way they’d met, he had to suppress a chuckle. Luke had finally told him that he’d created a fake profile on a dating app to hide the fact that he was a billionaire.

Maybe I should do something like that, he thought, but immediately discarded the idea. That wasn’t his style. Besides, what were the odds he would find someone as charming and wonderful as Cait? Not high. 

Instead of thinking about his pitiful love life, he focused on the lovely ceremony, basking in the reflected joy that was so clear on the faces of Luke and Cait.

All through the reception, which included an amazing four-course meal, Ethan couldn’t stop thinking about the new adventure he was about to embark upon. It was something he’d been thinking about for a while, ever since his father had passed away unexpectedly several months earlier. Throughout Ethan’s growing up years—and to be honest, even as an adult—his father had always made an effort to let Ethan know what was most important—relationships with those you love. Family ties. Basically, things money couldn’t buy. 

After his father’s death, Ethan had taken that to heart and had realized that the oft-repeated phrase “Money can’t buy happiness” was actually true. So, he’d sold his extremely lucrative business and was now walking completely away from the life he’d known, the life he’d built for himself. If he wasn’t only thirty-one, he might have called it a mid-life crisis. But no. That’s not what it was. He’d had an epiphany that although he was wealthy beyond what he’d ever dreamed of, he wasn’t happy. Now he was doing something about it.

A while later, as Ethan watched couples moving around the dance floor, Luke came over to him and said, “So glad you could come.” Luke and Cait had already taken their first dance and now they were mingling with their guests.

Ethan smiled warmly. “I wouldn’t miss it.”

Luke chuckled. “Just glad it didn’t interfere with you moving into seclusion.”

That brought a loud laugh from Ethan. “Sounds like you think I’m going to be a hermit.”

Luke’s eyebrows rose in question. “Aren’t you? All alone in that cabin in the middle of nowhere?”

Shaking his head, Ethan couldn’t stop his grin. He was eager to get to the modest cabin he’d purchased in Cedar Park, California, and eager to take on DIY projects. While growing up, he’d helped his father on many projects around their house and felt rather confident in his handyman skills. He would find out soon enough if his confidence was well placed or a colossal over estimation of his skill set.

“The town proper is only a few miles away,” he said in reply to Luke’s comment. “Hardly in the middle of nowhere.”

Luke gave Ethan a hearty pat on the back. “Whatever you say.” A smirk tugged up one side of his mouth. “When you get tired of nothing to do and no one around, you’re welcome to come stay at my place.” Luke looked toward Cait, who was visiting with other guests. Love filled his eyes. “I guess I should say our place.”

At the look of adoration on Luke’s face, Ethan couldn’t help but feel envious. Sure, he had dated lots of women, but he’d never found the one. Well, he certainly wouldn’t find her among the forests of the Sierra-Nevada’s. Anyway, that wasn’t why he was going. Quite the contrary. He felt a deep need to get back to basics, to focus on something completely opposite of making money. To use his hands and his wits to solve different kinds of problems. Not the kinds of problems that led to making stacks of money, but things like, how to repair a clogged sink or a leaky roof. Or how to lay a new wood floor. 

Yeah. He was eager to get started on this adventure.

* * *

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