Billionaires and Football Stars Bundle

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10 swoony standalone romance novels plus a bonus book!

From a billionaire posing as a chef, to a star NFL quarterback finding who he thinks is a groupie in his mountain cabin, although she’s actually hiding from her ex, to a heroine who has amnesia and can’t remember the handsome man claiming to be her husband, this bundle of standalone romances has it all. Swoonworthy heroes and confident heroines collide, some looking for love and some finding it despite themselves. Join these billionaires and NFL football players as they find themselves in fake relationships, dangerous situations, and hiding their true identities all while falling in love.

BONUS INCLUDED: Book 1 in the Over You romantic suspense series.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Loved it. I loved the characters and how they had such great chemistry. I enjoyed seeing how people from two different worlds could mesh. This is a really sweet, clean romance.”  –Amazon Review

These 10 romances are different than the books in the Small Town Romance Bundle.

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An actress with a dangerous stalker and the billionaire who wants to protect her.

In hiding from her stalker, actress Aubree Nichols holes up in her friend’s mountain cabin. Then, while on a walk on the wooded property, she catches a glimpse of a man nearby. Terrified that her stalker’s found her, she overreacts.

Billionaire Cameron Shah just wants to enjoy the solitude of his new mountain cabin. But when his beautiful yet baffling neighbor threatens him with a branch, he’s intrigued. Too bad she won’t tell him her name.

When Cameron cooks up a plan to help Aubree, she has to decide if she wants to stay in hiding forever, or if with Cameron’s help, she’s ready to come out of the shadows.


Missing and presumed dead, when billionaire Nathan Hewitt is rescued from a deserted island a year after his yacht disappeared, everyone is thrilled.

Except Chloe James.

Chloe has been best friends with Nathan for years—and has crushed on him just as long—but her sister died on that cruise and she holds him responsible. Wanting nothing to do with him, when she is forced to work with him she will have to come to grips with the emotions roiling within her.

Nathan is desperate to earn back Chloe’s friendship and her forgiveness, but when she rebuffs him at every turn he has to do something drastic. Will she find it in her heart to forgive him or will their relationship be destroyed for good?


He’s a billionaire posing as a chef.
She’s an elementary school teacher who hates liars.

Wanting to find a woman who is interested in him for himself rather than for his bank account, billionaire Luke Mills creates a fake profile on a dating app.

Cait Sullivan hasn’t had good luck with men, but when Luke reaches out to her through a dating app, she decides to meet him. At first she’s charmed by the personal chef, but as time goes on she becomes suspicious that something’s not quite right.

When the truth comes out will it bring them closer or destroy their budding romance?


He’s a billionaire used to being in charge.
She’s a woman who loathes being told what to do.

After breaking up with her controlling ex, Aspen sells everything and moves into the mountain cottage she inherited from her grandmother. Overwhelmed by all the place needs to have done, she decides to hire a handyman.

After his father passes away, billionaire Ethan has an epiphany—though he’s wealthier than he ever dreamed he would be, he’s not happy. He sells his Los Angeles business and moves to a cabin in the woods, leaving everything he knows behind. It doesn’t take long for him to get bored, so when an opportunity arises to work as a handyman, he jumps on it. Only trouble is, all he can think about is the woman who hired him. Too bad she has zero interest in kindling a romantic relationship.


Hiding from her ex, Shay takes refuge in an unoccupied cabin.
Too bad the owner, NFL quarterback Josh, thinks she’s a groupie.

When Shay Campbell flees her abusive boyfriend and ends up in the middle of nowhere, she stumbles upon an unoccupied cabin. At least she thinks it’s unoccupied. That is, until NFL Quarterback Josh Wisner shows up. Too bad he thinks she’s a groupie.

After kicking her out, Josh has second thoughts, but with her ex hunting her, Shay will have to decide if she’s safer with Josh or out on her own.


When NFL star Brock runs into his childhood friend and former neighbor Ainsley, all grown up and drop-dead gorgeous, he wants her. Too bad she friend-zones him.

When Sacramento Vipers tight end Brock Remington goes home to take care of his deceased father’s affairs, he doesn’t expect to run into Ainsley Hunter, his former neighbor and the younger sister of his old high school buddy. The last time he saw her, she was a gangly fourteen-year-old. Now she’s all grown up and drop-dead gorgeous. Too bad she wants to keep him in the friend zone.

When Ainsley sees Brock, she doesn’t want to admit that she’s watched every NFL game he’s ever played in, but after spending hours helping him pack up his father’s belongings, her attraction to him becomes harder to suppress.

As sparks fly between them, will Ainsley give in to her attraction, or will her fear of a broken heart keep her sitting on the sidelines for good?


He’s an NFL all-star and single father. She’s his daughter’s nanny. Too bad acting on their mutual attraction will ignite a firestorm.

When NFL running back and single dad Hank Parson meets Mari, his daughter’s nanny, he’s smitten. Too bad his movie star ex-wife can yank Mari out of his life on a whim.

Mari adores four-year-old Harper, but when Harper’s mother sends them to stay with Hank while she finishes her movie shoot, Mari doesn’t know what to expect.

It doesn’t take long for sparks to fly. Too bad acting on their attraction will ignite a firestorm.


NFL all-star Jax is intrigued by young widow Autumn, but when she finally dips her toe in the dating pool, disturbing things start happening to her. Too bad the police won’t take the incidents seriously.

Jax Cordova, Defensive End for the NFL’s Sacramento Vipers, isn’t looking for love, but when a woman crashes into him at the mall, he’s intrigued. Too bad she won’t tell him her name.

Widowed at 24, Autumn Foster is ready to move on, but when she finally dips her toe in the dating pool, disturbing things start happening to her. When the police don’t take the incidents seriously–and even Jax starts to doubt her–she fears for her safety and she fears she’ll never find true love again.


NFL star Greg Sinclair has always been head over heels for his wife.
Too bad she doesn’t remember him or the danger she’s in.
Good thing he would die for her.

When Olivia Sinclair wakes up in a hospital bed, she doesn’t remember anything. Not even who she is. When a good-looking man insists he’s her husband, she has no choice but to believe him. But when her mother tells her she’s in danger and warns her to be careful who she trusts, she has to deny her attraction to the man taking care of her.

NFL Wide Receiver Greg Sinclair has always been head over heels for his wife, so when she gets in an accident and has no idea who he is, he can’t help but be hurt. But when Olivia’s life is threatened, Greg has to put aside his feelings and do everything within his power to protect her.


An NFL player, his fake girlfriend, and a family camping trip to Yellowstone National Park. What could go wrong?

Tired of his family giving him a hard time about his lackluster love life, NFL running back Tyler Brandrick tells them he has a girlfriend. When they ask him if she’ll be coming with them on their annual Yellowstone camping trip, he says yes. Too bad she doesn’t exist.

Brielle Hanson is in desperate need of a job. Recently let go, she doesn’t have enough money to make rent, so when the dog she’s walking gets away from her and races to the handsome stranger in the park, she strikes up a conversation. Good thing he makes an offer she can’t refuse.

BONUS: Over You

Jessica hopes to cure her broken heart while caring for her elderly aunt, but it may be difficult with her ex-fiancé remodeling the house. And when she finds a box in the attic full of family secrets, she soon regrets trying to discover the truth.

When Jessica Stevens temporarily moves in with her elderly aunt to help care for her, she plans to use the time to heal from a recent break-up. But when her aunt decides to do some remodeling on the old house, Jessica is dismayed to discover that the contractor is her ex-fiancé, a man who dumped her several years before.

Helping distract her from her troubles are mysterious fifty-year-old letters she finds in her aunt’s attic. The contents of the letters spur Jessica to do some digging, but as the truth of the past begins to be revealed, Jessica regrets ever finding the letters.




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