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I’ve always loved to read, and in 1997 when we got our first computer, I decided to see if I could write a novel. The first novel I wrote was Suspicions, which is one of my two standalone novels. The other, No Way Out, was the second book I wrote. No Way Out was published with a regional publisher in 2005, but I was able to get my rights back, so now it is available as an eBook (as well as in print, as are all of my books). I began Indie Publishing in late 2010 and haven’t looked back since.

From 2004, when I completed my B.S. degree in Information Technology, until September 2013, I worked at two different medical software companies. Most recently I worked in the I.T. department upgrading servers. I’ve been able to put my technical skills to good use in my Indie Publishing business–-formatting my eBooks, building this website, etc.

In September 2013, my long-held dream of becoming a full-time writer came true and I made the decision to leave my job to write full-time. I miss my co-workers, but I have been so pleased that I’ve been able to dramatically increase my writing output. An introvert by nature, I don’t mind spending my days quietly writing in my office with my two cats by my side.

I’ve been married for over 35 years and have 4 children who are all grown, so my house is pretty quiet–-except when my five beautiful grandchildren stop by! My husband and I love to go camping in our truck camper. Once my husband retires, our dream is to spend weeks at a time enjoying nature. We especially love visiting state and national parks. One of our favorite places is Yellowstone National Park. 

I am so pleased by the many readers who have bought and enjoyed my books. You make all of the hard work worthwhile! Thank you for buying my books and telling your friends and family about them!

Happy reading!