New Billionaire Romance

I’m excited to tell you that The Missing Billionaire is now live!

Missing and presumed dead, when billionaire Nathan Hewitt is rescued from a deserted island a year after his yacht disappeared, everyone is thrilled. 

Except Chloe James. 

Chloe has been best friends with Nathan for years—and has crushed on him just as long—but her sister died on that cruise and she holds him responsible. Wanting nothing to do with him, when she is forced to work with him she will have to come to grips with the emotions roiling within her.

Nathan is desperate to earn back Chloe’s friendship and her forgiveness, but when she rebuffs him at every turn he has to do something drastic. Will she find it in her heart to forgive him or will their relationship be destroyed for good?

Billionaire Romance

Woot! Woot! It’s new release time and this time it’s the first book in a brand-new billionaire romance series called Billionaires Find Love. The first book is The Protective Billionaire. 

An actress with a dangerous stalker and the billionaire who wants to protect her.

In hiding from her stalker, actress Aubree Nichols holes up in her friend’s mountain cabin. Then, while on a walk on the wooded property, she catches a glimpse of a man nearby. Terrified that her stalker’s found her, she overreacts.

Billionaire Cameron Shah just wants to enjoy the solitude of his new mountain cabin. But when his beautiful yet baffling neighbor threatens him with a branch, he’s intrigued. Too bad she won’t tell him her name.

When Cameron cooks up a plan to help Aubree, she has to decide if she wants to stay in hiding forever, or if with Cameron’s help, she’s ready to come out of the shadows.

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Latest News

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I wanted to update you on what’s going on. Life has been busy these last few months. We sold our house and downsized to a smaller one, and then of course moving from one place to another took up a lot of time. We’re still getting settled in, but I’m nearly done writing the first book in a new clean romance series. To keep up to date on all the happenings, and to be notified the moment the new book is released, make sure to sign up for my mailing list by clicking HERE.

In the meantime, make sure and check out all of the books I offer for free. You can see them by clicking HERE.

Happy reading!

Brand-New Romantic Suspense!

Do you love suspense? Do you love romance? If you love either of these things, my newest book, Pass Protection, is for you! Here’s what it’s about:

NFL star Greg Sinclair has always been head over heels for his wife. Too bad she doesn’t remember him or that she’s in danger. Good thing he’d die for her.

When Olivia Sinclair wakes up in a hospital bed, she doesn’t remember anything. Not even who she is. When a good-looking man insists he’s her husband, she has no choice but to believe him. But when her mother tells her she’s in danger and warns her to be careful who she trusts, she has to deny her attraction to the man taking care of her.

NFL Wide Receiver Greg Sinclair has always been head over heels for his wife, so when she gets in an accident and has no idea who he is, he can’t help but be hurt. But when Olivia’s life is threatened, Greg has to put aside his feelings and do everything within his power to protect her.

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Pass Interference is here!

The fourth book in my Fair Catch sports romance series is live! Pass Interference has lots of suspense to go with all the romance.

NFL all-star Jax is intrigued by young widow Autumn, but when she finally dips her toe in the dating pool, disturbing things start happening to her. Too bad the police won’t take the incidents seriously.

Jax Cordova, Defensive End for the NFL’s Sacramento Vipers, isn’t looking for love, but when a woman crashes into him at the mall, he’s intrigued. Too bad she won’t tell him her name.

Widowed at 24, Autumn Foster is ready to move on, but when she finally dips her toe in the dating pool, disturbing things start happening to her. When the police don’t take the incidents seriously–and even Jax starts to doubt her–she fears she’ll never find true love again.



The third Fair Catch book is here! Blindsided was so much fun to write–I fell in love with these characters and I know you will too! Here’s what it’s about:

When NFL running back and single dad Hank Parson meets Mari, his daughter’s nanny, he’s smitten. Too bad his movie star ex-wife can yank Mari out of his life on a whim.

Mari adores four-year-old Harper, but when Harper’s mother sends them to stay with Hank while she finishes her movie shoot, Mari doesn’t know what to expect.

It doesn’t take long for sparks to fly. Too bad acting on their mutual attraction will ignite a firestorm.

Blindsided is available on Amazon, and if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for FREE!

Football has never been so romantic

Have you heard? I’ve started a new series about NFL football players finding love in the most unlikely of places. It’s called Fair Catch, and it’s been a blast to write. The first two books are now available, and if you subscribe to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, you can read them for free. To try Kindle Unlimited for free for 30 days, click HERE. All the details about the first two books in the Fair Catch series are below. Click on a cover to visit that book’s Amazon page.

Hiding from her ex, Shay takes refuge in an unoccupied cabin. Too bad the owner, NFL Quarterback Josh, thinks she’s a groupie.








When NFL star Brock runs into his childhood friend and former neighbor, now grown up and drop-dead gorgeous, he wants her. Too bad she friend zones him.







Melanie’s story is here!

Have you read Over You and Second Chances? If so, you know who Melanie is. Well, her story is finally here! Chance Encounter is about Melanie moving to Emerald Falls to get her chance at true love. 

This standalone romance is the third book in the sweet, small-town Emerald Falls Romance series, and is also a follow-up to the Over You series, but Chance Encounter can be read without reading the other series first.

After a string of bad luck with men, Melanie Hopkins has sworn off dating to focus on her job and her three-year-old daughter. Moving to Emerald Falls to live with her sister, she’s ready to make a fresh start.

Gage Bennett has never had much luck with women. As a teenager he wasn’t exactly a Romeo, but now that he’s all grown up, he’s worked hard to transform himself. Now a successful business owner, when the car he accidentally hits in the grocery store parking lot turns out to belong to Melanie Hopkins, the dream girl from his youth, he decides to parlay this chance encounter into an opportunity to finally get to know her.

Too bad she’s not interested. But he hasn’t gotten where he is by being timid. Will his persistence pay off, or will it put him in the friend-zone for good?

Hearts On Fire is live!

Hearts On Fire

The next Park City Firefighter Romance is here! 

Arwen Butler has no time for love–she’s too busy focusing on her new career as a therapist. But when she joins a gym and hot firefighter Tyler Reed becomes her personal trainer, she may have to rethink her priorities.

After losing the woman he loves, Tyler is determined to protect his crushed heart by never falling in love again. Then he meets beautiful and confident Arwen. Though drawn to her, he desperately fights his attraction.

When Arwen is thrust into a deadly situation, Tyler will have to choose–overcome his resistance to love or keep his heart locked up for good.

Firefighter Romance is Here!

Love hot firefighters? Then you’ll love my new romance, Rescue My Heart, and Taylor Hart’s romance, Rescue Me from our new Park City Firefighter Romance series! Free in Kindle Unlimited. Otherwise, just $2.99. Check it out!

The next two books, by Daniel Banner and Cami Checketts, will come out in January and February.


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New to Park City, Lacey Porter isn’t looking for love, but when she comes face to face with hot firefighter Jake, she may change her mind.

After escaping a stifling relationship, Lacey Porter moves to Park City, Utah eager to enjoy her newfound freedom and to renew her love of drawing. When an accident at work brings her face to face with Jake Davis, hot firefighter, and the same guy who helped her on the side of the road a few days before, she can’t stop thinking about his good looks and kind heart–but there’s no way she can trust herself after her last relationship fail.

Jake Davis has it all–his dream job firefighting, extra work as a part-time realtor, plenty of women around to date casually…life couldn’t get much better. He never expected to meet a woman who seemed so strong yet vulnerable. Something about Lacey touches him, but when she continually rebuffs his attempts to go out, he wonders if he’ll get a chance to know the real her.





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Damon Freestone, ex firefighter for the Boston FD, didn’t want to come back to his hometown–Park City, Utah–or work for the fire department. Six months earlier, after losing a candidate under his command, all he really knows about life is that you usually don’t get what you want.

Samantha Worthington only wants one thing—to get back to her sister in Colorado. Fresh out of law school, the only job she finds that will pay the bills is in Park City. But she never anticipated her adrenaline junkie, cliff-diving ways might lead to kissing the stranger who claimed he’s trying to rescue her. Good thing she kissed him, then slapped him for good measure.

After Damon takes Sam to dinner, dancing and zip lining—he’s pretty sure he’s falling off more then a cliff.

When an emergency takes Sam back to Colorado, Damon has to make a choice—follow her and try to rescue her again…or let it all go up in smoke.

Firefighter Romance

Are you in the mood for a Firefighter romance? Then you’re in luck! I’ve joined with 3 other authors to write a sweet standalone romance for our Park City Firefighter Romance series. Rescue My Heart will be available in a few days! Check out the amazing cover! Taylor Hart’s book, Rescue Me, will also be available that day. The other two books, Cami Checketts and Daniel Banner, will come out in January and February.




Searching for Love series FREE on Kindle Unlimited

I’ve just put the entire Searching for Love series in the Kindle Unlimited program. That means if you subscribe to KU, you can read the entire series for FREE. To start a free 30-day trial of KU, click HERE.


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3D Bundle Cover FINAL



Newly divorced and deeply wounded, all Reese Montgomery wants is to find true love. After her ex-husband tells her she no longer measures up and then unceremoniously dumps her, she realizes her background–a father in prison, an alcoholic mother–makes her undesirable. When she meets Brody Ford on a beach in Malibu, her attraction is instant, as is her certainty that they are all wrong for each other.

Brody, a self-made man from a close-knit family, is lonely. After losing the woman he loves in a car accident, he believes he’ll never love again. When a chance encounter brings Reese into his life, something about her touches him. And he wants more. But her reluctance to open her heart forces him to work harder to win her over than he’s ever had to work before.

Will they be able to heal the hurts each carries, or are they too wounded to find the love they’re searching for?

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