I’ve always been a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre, and I’ve actually begun writing several post-apocalyptic books. However, I finally decided to go for it and write a post-apocalyptic series. I was a little nervous about moving away from romance for a while since so many of my readers prefer romance, but writers need to follow their passions, so I did! I hope you enjoy the first installment in my new Pandemic series, Pandemic: The Beginning. I’m having a blast writing this series!

If you like The Walking Dead but don’t like zombies, you’ll love PANDEMIC

When a deadly flu sweeps the globe, the Bronson family hunkers down to wait it out. But when society collapses, surviving neighbors band together, giving them hope. That hope is shattered, however, when a rogue element forms, making rules the Bronsons aren’t willing to follow.

When the group takes over the neighborhood, they demand the Bronsons join or face deadly consequences. With their lives at stake, they must make a decision: give in or take a stand.