Only one more week until Daring Hearts is released! Daring Hearts includes my latest suspense novel, Witness, and in case you haven’t heard, the Daring Hearts authors added 6 additional authors to the boxed set. That means you can now get 14 books for just .99 cents! Pre-order your copy today!


Now, enjoy a sneak peek of Witness.


I finished wiping down the tables at the fast food restaurant where I worked—Patty Melt Burgers and Shakes—then turned to my manager, Steven. “All done with the tables. Anything else before I go home?”

“Thanks, Courtney. After you take out the trash you can leave.”

It wasn’t my favorite task, but someone had to do it, and everyone else had already left for the night. “Okay.” Eager to finish up and go home, I gathered the trash, then headed out the back of our store. The early spring air was chilly, but I didn’t mind. I loved this time of year. Especially when it meant there was only about a month left in the semester. This was my second semester at college, and though I was enjoying it, I’d found it to be more demanding than high school.

The dumpster was in the alley behind our store, and having done this chore countless times before, I walked with confidence. But this time something was different. A scuffling sound in the nearby alley floated on the air. Tossing the trash into the dumpster, I wondered what was going on. From where I stood I couldn’t see anything. Then I heard a distinct cry for help.

Fear rocketed up my spine and straight to my heart. The darkness seemed to close around me as my ears vibrated with the sounds of distress coming from the alley.

Terrified to face whatever was happening nearby alone, I ran back into Patty Melt Burgers and Shakes and yelled to Steven that someone needed help. Then I dashed back outside. Conflicted about my next move—what if I got hurt? What if I could have stopped someone else from getting hurt?—my mind screamed at me to do something.

You have to see what’s happening, Courtney. Go. Go now.

Another cry for help broke the silence, and though my heart pounded a warning, I raced in the direction of the sound.

Steven was slow to follow, and I reached the end of the alley well before he did. I turned the corner, and in the dim light I saw two men fighting. To be precise, one man was on the ground and the other man was pummeling him.

I came to a halt at the corner of the building that led to the alley, about twenty feet from the fighting men. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I looked in the direction of Patty Melt Burgers and Shakes to see where my manager was. Trotting towards me, he seemed to be moving as fast as he could, but he wasn’t exactly in tip-top shape.

Motioning frantically for him to hurry, I turned back to the fighting men. Worried that someone might get seriously hurt, I wanted them to stop, but just as I opened my mouth to yell at them, I saw  something shiny grasped in the fist of the man on top. To my utter horror, he plunged it straight into the man on the ground, who let out a strangled cry.

On instinct, I screamed, “Nooo!”

The man with the knife lifted his head and looked right at me. And in the light from the streetlamp, I recognized him.

Pre-order your copy of Daring Hearts today! Witness can be purchased by itself in the beginning of September, when Daring Hearts is no longer available.

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