My 17-year-old son, Mike, was watching the BYU game with my husband on Saturday night (they won – yay!), when he received a text. He didn’t recognize the phone number, but of course he read the message. It said, “i am pregnant . . . again”.

Being the honest young man that he is, he was about to text the person and tell her that she had sent her message to the wrong number. But then my husband, being the mischievous person that he is, suggested Mike send something else instead. The conversation ensued thusly:

Mike: is your husband excited?

Woman: we both are, armani doesn’t know what is going on.

Mike: when are you going to let him know?

Woman: he doesn’t understand. we told him he just laughed

Mike: Give him some solid evidence then.

At this point, my son’s honest nature took over and he sent the following:

Mike: I’m sorry, but guilt forces me to confess i do not know who you are and that you need to check the number you have been texting to.

Woman: is this not joselynn

Mike: No, I’ve had this number since January. I’ve gotten plenty of calls for her though.

The woman never replied to his last message and he had in fact gotten a number of calls for joselyn over the past seven months. I thought this whole exchange was hilarious, but the potential for personal information getting into the wrong hands is extremely high when you text someone without verifying who you are talking to.

Come to think of it, this is a great idea for a novel.

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